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Superbit Deluxe™ DVDs

The best possible picture and sound, and then some...

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What is Superbit Deluxe™?

Superbit Deluxe logoIf you are already familiar with Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment's (CTHE) line of Superbit DVD releases, then you know that they are a series of DVD releases that optimizes picture and sound quality by using all of the available disc capacity to increase the average video bit rate to about 6-7 Mbps, and to include a DTS soundtrack and a 448 Kbits/sec Dolby Digital soundtrack.  If not, be sure to read our original Superbit DVD feature first.  This is a follow-up feature article on the Superbit DVD series.

Since all of the disc capacity is devoted to presenting the best possible picture and sound, there is no room for bonus features in the Superbit single-disc releases.  This puts DVD enthusiasts in a quandary.  They have to choose between the standard DVD release (with bonus features but lower bit rates for picture and no DTS soundtrack option) or a Superbit release.  Or shell out double the money and buy both versions.

Well now there's a better solution.  Columbia TriStar listened to the needs of DVD enthusiasts and collectors and decided to begin releasing a new Superbit Deluxe DVD series, as two-disc sets.  Yes, Superbit DVD fans can now have their high performance DVD transfers and their bonus features!  Columbia TriStar announced the first of the new Superbit Deluxe DVD releases for May 28, 2002.  More on the titles in just a second.

As you probably guessed, the Superbit Deluxe 2-disc series will devote the first disc to just the feature film, keeping with the mantra of the original Superbit series.  The second disc will contain the bonus features that are previously released on the standard or Special Edition DVD.  Generally, don't expect any new bonus features above and beyond those provided with the standard or Special Edition DVD.  In fact, if the standard or Special Edition contained a feature-length audio commentary, it would omitted from the Superbit Deluxe release to conserve disc capacity to maximize the bit rate for improved video and audio performance.  (Remember that feature-length audio commentaries are usually encoded along with the feature film as a soundtrack option.)

It's a good move on Columbia TriStar's part.  Wouldn't you say?

Superbit Deluxe Releases

OK, now for the Superbit Deluxe titles.  The first set of releases include The Patriot and Hollow Man, and were released on May 28, 2002.  Both were previously released as Special Editions.  As we discussed above, these Superbit Deluxe DVD versions will include two discs.  The first disc contains the Superbit feature film, with the higher video bit rate, DTS and Dolby Digital soundtracks.  The second disc contains the bonus materials previously included with those Special Edition releases.

The Patriot Superbit Deluxe DVD, click here to read our review                  Hollow Man Superbit Deluxe DVD, click here to read our review

Superbit Deluxe DVD releases include The Patriot and Hollow Man

The Mask of Zorro Superbit Deluxe DVD, click here to pre-order                  Snatch Superbit Deluxe DVD, click here to pre-order

Follow on (9/17/02) Superbit Deluxe DVD releases
include The Mask of Zorro and Snatch

The second set of Superbit Deluxe releases were released on September 17, 2002, and includes The Mask of Zorro and Snatch.  Come May 27, 2003, Charlie's Angels will be released.

Like the Superbit DVD series, the Superbit Deluxe series will primarily focus on action and science fiction movies, targeting those titles that serious DVD enthusiasts are more likely to collect.  Stay peeled on this space for future announcements of more Columbia TriStar Superbit Deluxe DVD titles.  Or subscribe to our free e-Newsletter to receive announcement by e-mail when new Superbit Deluxe DVD titles are announced.

Will Columbia TriStar still release Superbit DVDs without bonus materials?

Depending on whether there is enough bonus features in the previously released standard or Special Edition DVD to warrant a second disc for a Superbit Deluxe version, Columbia TriStar may still release the single-disc Superbit titles.

Will Columbia TriStar release Superbit Deluxe DVDs as original releases?

For the time being, it looks like Columbia TriStar will only release Superbit and Superbit Deluxe DVD titles that have already been released to DVD.  What would be nice is if they would release new titles, like Black Hawk Down, in both Special Edition and Superbit Deluxe versions on the same date.  This would allow DVD enthusiasts to have a super bit of a choice.  (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)  This would be our last suggestion for Columbia TriStar.

What movies would you like to see released as Superbit Deluxe DVDs?

Black Hawk Down, released on June 11, 2002 as a standard editionDrop us a note and tell us what movies you would like to see released as Superbit Deluxe DVDs from Columbia TriStar.  To jog your memory, here are some past Columbia TriStar DVD releases: In the Line of Fire, The 6th Day, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, The One, Starship Troopers, The Net and Black Hawk Down.  Who knows, if certain titles are popular among our readers, we will pass your requests to Columbia TriStar and they may add your favorite movies to their slate for future Superbit Deluxe releases.  As we noted above, Columbia TriStar is focusing on action and science fiction movies for its Superbit releases.  And remember, it has to be a Columbia TriStar release, not another studios'.  So let us know.


For additional information, visit the Columbia TriStar Superbit DVD official web site.

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