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- DVD-Video

- Single-sided

- Dual layer, layer switch at 1:06:00 
     (beginning of Chapter 20)

- Region 1

- Run time: approx. 131 min.

- Subtitles: English, Spanish

- Scene selection: static

- Package: Keep case


Video Features:

- Anamorphic Widescreen

- Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 widescreen


Audio Features:

- English: Dolby Digital 4.0

- English: Dolby Surround

- French: Dolby Surround


Bonus Materials:

- "Inside Octopussy" original 

- "Designing Bond with Art Director 
     Peter Lamont" documentary

- Audio commentary with director 
     John Glen

- Animated storyboard sequences

- Originally theatrical trailers (4)

- Music video "All Time High" with 
     Rita Coolidge

- Collectible "Making-Of" booklet 
     (8 pages)

Release Dates:

Theatrical Release:          1983

DVD Release:              10/17/00

Review Date:               10/15/00


List price:                     $ 26.98

On-line price:               $ 18.89

Pre-order price was:    $ 18.89


Special Edition

Starring: Roger Moore, Maud Adams, Louis Jourdan,
       Kristina Wayborn, Kabir Bedi, Steven Berkoff,
       Vijay Amritraj, Desmond Llewelyn, Robert Brown, 
       David Meyer, and Tony Meyer


Director: John Glen


MPAA Rating: PG

Studio: MGM/United Artists (MGM Home Entertainment)

Movie: B+        Video: B        Audio: B-        Extras: A-


Summary: "Octopussy" is the thirteenth Bond adventure and this DVD is part of 
   the James Bond Collection Volume 3 which completes the roll-out of all 
   nineteen Bond movie titles to the DVD-Video format.  In this episode, Bond 
   pursues some suspect jewelry buyers after Agent 009 is murdered.  They 
   eventually lead Bond to uncover a Russian General's plot to invade western 
   Europe.  The action adventure is explosive and non-stop--James Bond style.
   Like the other Special Edition titles in the James Bond series, "Octopussy: 
   Special Edition" DVD is packed with a number of value-added features that 
   collectively document the legacy of the Bond adventures.  If you are a fan
   of James Bond films (like me), you should be very pleased with this DVD.


The Story


"Octopussy" is the thirteenth among the current nineteen Bond adventures (as of October 2000), all of which are now available in the DVD-Video format.  The latest James Bond Collection Volume 3 came out on October 17, 2000, of which "Octopussy" is a featured title.  (By the way, you can buy the James Bond box sets, or each title in the set individually.)


In this episode, James Bond (Roger Moore) is assigned to investigate the death of Agent 009, who arrives at the East Germany British Embassy dead with a Faberge "egg" in his hands.  As Bond pursues the buyer of the "egg", he is lead to India where he encounters "Octopussy", a lady in charge of an island exclusively populated by beautiful women.  Bond eventually uncovers a Russian General's plot to take over western Europe, and races across the world to stop this evil plan.  The explosive action is non-stop with hair-raising, death-defying stunts.


Continuing the Bond film legacy of beautiful on-location cinematography, "Octopussy" was filmed in Udaipur ("City of Sunrise"), India with The Monsoon Palace and the famous Taj Mahal.  Other locations include Checkpoint Charlie, a famed Cold War entry point between East and West Berlin.  It is interesting to watch this film again (some seventeen years later), now that the Berlin wall has fallen and the world is a different place--politically speaking, of course.


The Extras

As a Special Edition, the Octopussy DVD features a number of extra material, including the "Inside Octopussy" original documentary, "Designing Bond with Art Director Peter Lamont" featurette, an audio commentary by director John Glen, animated storyboard sequences, four theatrical trailers, a music video with Rita Coolidge, and a collectible eight-page "Making-Of" booklet.


The 35-minute "Inside Octopussy" original documentary is very entertaining and informative.  It talks about the casting process, challenges of filming in India, the dangers of the stunts and dedication of a particular stuntsman, the dangers of filming with real wild animals.  It also talks about the two filming units and how both units simultaneously filmed in England and India.


The 21-minute "Designing Bond with Art Director Peter Lamont" featurette is a tribute to the art and production designer's talent in bringing Bond to life.  The featurette starts out with a high praise from a number of cast and crew members.  It talks about how he started as a set decorator at England's Pinewood Studios.  With the big break offered to him for work on "Goldfinger", Lamont proved himself to be a genius.  From then on, as they say, is history... Bond style that is.  Or should we say, Lamont style.   The featurette continues to discuss the various challenges of making the various Bond films that Lamont has since been involved with.


The audio commentary with director John glen is very informative.  Among other things, he talks about how each of the special effects were done.  For example, some scenes of the Acrostar mini jet in the opening pre-credit scenes were actually shot using a model airplane with fireworks tethered to it to simulate the surface-to-air missile.


The animated storyboard sequences feature storyboards of two scenes: "The Taxi Chase" and "Bond Rescues Octopussy".  Each sequence features still pictures of the storyboards with the final dialogue and audio tracks dubbed in.


Video & Audio


The image quality of this anamorphic widescreen DVD is generally good.  In the opening scenes, there were a few instances of dust and specks on the film print.  It was disappointing to see that in the first few frames of the movie, but rest assured, the remainder of the film is better preserved and well transferred.  The colors are accurate and saturated.  The Dolby Digital 4.0-channel surround sound is heavily concentrated on the front channels.  However, the dialogue was clear, and the wonderful music score effectively engages the viewer in the excitement of this film and the beauty of its on-location vistas.




For DVD and 007 fans, October 17, 2000 was a milestone.  On this date, all nineteen James Bond movie titles became available on DVD-Video.  The James Bond Collection Volume 3 includes Octopussy, as well as five other titles: A View To A Kill, The Living Daylights, From Russia With Love, Diamonds Are Forever, and You Only Live Twice.  Each title making up the three-volume set is a Special Edition and features unique documentaries of the Bond legacy.  Octopussy has always stood out as one of my many favorite Bond episode.  To fellow Bond fans, I will say that this DVD is a worthy addition to your DVD collection. 


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